Ten Second LED Belt Buckle

by Jimmie on February 4, 2011


The Diavolino from Evil Made Science is hands down my favorite Arduino clone. It’s the only one I sell at workshops, and it works extremely well with the LoL Shield. So much so, that it is my official recommendation as THE Arduino to use with the LoL Shield.

Why do I love it so much? It’s cheap, so you can dedicate the Arduino to the LoL Shield or other project. Since you build it yourself, you can simply choose to leave out the pin 13 LED, which gets rid of the ghosting. It also has a really low profile, so it works great as a belt buckle. Which I usually wear around at conferences.

I ran a workshop last night at Unallocated space, and one of the members flat out bought one of my pre-soldered examples (white one with the Diavolino). No-one has ever done that before, but next time I’m charging more than $110. So that basically made my project today re-building the kit I show off at workshops. Since I had to re-build a Diavolino, I decided to do a quick instructional page for the slight modification as well. The instructional page is much closer to my project than this post, but I’m combining them, as I spent most of my non-travel time today building the white shield again.

IMG_0412 The only modification for a belt buckle would be the removal of the reset button. I just don’t solder it in.

IMG_0413 Look at how much room there is!

IMG_0414 I usually wear the actual buckle off to the side. My shirt generally hangs over it, so it doesn’t really show.

IMG_0415 You can actually see the wear my belt has had from all the LoL Shields.

IMG_0416 Bam! Ten second belt buckle (minus assembly time).

IMG_0417 Here it is playing a very interesting video. On my belt.

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