Residency at Unit One

by Jimmie on October 14, 2012

I’m doing a residency at Unit One in Allen hall at the University of Illinois for all of this week. If you are around, then please stop by! I’ve created a quick LoL Shield animation for my door to tell you whether I’m in or not (source for that is here, and uses the EEPROM if that’s interesting to you, so I just have to turn it off/on to toggle it).

Sunday, October 14
7pm – Opening Program: Meet Jimmie Rodgers (south rec room)
Jimmie Rodgers is a full time hacker, artist, musician, open hardware developer, and techno-nomad. He travels around the world teaching people how to make things. He does everything from digital to physical art, but everything he does is either open source or creative commons. He’s best known for the LoL Shield (an Arduino shield with lots of LEDS), and for various circuitbending and music projects.

Monday, October 15
7pm – Atari Punk Console workshopbuild a basic synthesizer or optical theremin (south rec room)
The Atari Punk Console is an easy to build synthesizer that you can use to make lots of fun sounds. This workshop will include all the parts you need to make the synthesizer, or even to create your own optical theremin! Bring your own case – Altoids tins, cigar boxes, or anything else that has at least the internal volume of a pack of playing cards.

10pm – tea time: building custom electronic instruments (guest apartment)

Tuesday, October 16
7pm – Building Contact Mics (south rec room)
Learn how easy it is to build your own contact mics. This workshop will have everything you’ll need to build a mic. We’ll then explore finding sounds in everyday objects, and some fun things to do with those found sounds. If you have your own amp, then please bring it!

9:30pm – Depression Meetup (guest apartment)
Depression can be a hard burden to bear, both for people who suffer directly, and people who help to support them. Come and talk about it with Jimmie Rodgers, who has been dealing with depression since he was a teenager. He has spoken at a number of events about depression, and has been an advocate of speaking openly about its effects and treatments. Many people suffer from depression, but there’s no reason to suffer alone.

Wednesday, October 17
7pm – Circuitbending (south rec room)
Circuitbending is the art of modifying toys, synthesizers, effects pedals, and anything electronic that makes noise or shows video. You’ll be bending a Staples Easy button, and learn enough of the basics to go exploring on your own after this workshop.

10pm – Noise Night (main lounge)
Bring your electronic instruments, noise makers, mixers, amps, effects pedals, hookup cables, and anything you can make sound with. People will hook their noise makers together and just jam. An open mind and tolerance for crazy sounds encouraged.

Thursday, October 18
7pm – Building (and playing) quality didgeridoos out of PVC (south rec room)
Learn how to quickly and cheaply make good sounding didgeridoos out of PVC. You’ll learn how to build and play them in this workshop. Advanced techniques will be covered, so you can continue to make nice didgeridoos long after the workshop.

10pm – Drone Night (south rec room)
Bring your acoustic instruments, drums, didgeridoos, singing bowls, and anything else that can make a trance-like sound. We’ll sit around and play the didgeridoos made in the previous workshop along with any brought instruments. Beginners welcome, and experimentation will be encouraged.

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1 Lesley October 15, 2012 at 09:24

that’s a sweet-ass sign you got there!

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